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Nicola Di Lucca ia boutique family owned business is founded on the premise that ‘every woman deserves to look her best’.

Every woman has an inner beauty and an inner goddess that is often prevented from shining forth. There are many factors in modern society and the mass media that work to sabotage women’s self image and consequently their sense of worth.

One just has to look at the sexualisation of young girls to see the damage wrought by many in society whose sole aim is to chase money at all cost.

The motto of Nicola Di Lucca, ‘because every woman deserves to look her best’, is based on our deep conviction that our inner beauty is reflected in our outward appearance, and our outward appearance can affect our inner peace and well-being.

The philosophy of Nicola Di Lucca is founded on the Mediterranean attitude to female beauty. The Mediterranean woman displays a natural, elegant beauty that is not subject to whim of current fads. Regardless of her age, shape or body type she is comfortable in her own skin.


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